Six Sigma (6σ)

What is six sigma?

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We are using to provide for excellence. Identification of process – measuring – analyzing improving and controlling. Six sigma approach focuses on the following three issues

Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce cycle time
Reduce error
We will examine the following steps to 6 sigma and we will determine how we create our own 6σ. We’ll call it PARW. PLANNING – ANALYZING – REPORTING – WATCHING. IT IS YOUR GOOD SUMMARY FOR GOOD JOB !!!

If you do not have a good plan; It would be as follows.

1 -Meaning of statistical Six Sigm

a-Sigma : Sigma is the Greek letter and defines a small standard deviation in statistics

b-Million Error Number (DPMO) :Quality costs, cycle time and productivity as there is a close correlation between properties.

Total Opportunities – TO :TO = Total number of Product Units x Opportunities

Defects Per Opportunity – DPO : DPO =Total Number of Defects / Total Opportunity

Defects Per Million Opportunities – DPMO : DPMO = DPO x 1,000,000

Defects Per Million Opportunities or DPMO can be then converted to sigma values using Yield to Sigma Conversion Table given in Six Sigma – Measure Phase

2-Six Sigma staff of : Six sigma is an approach carried out through teamwork.

a-Champion : The person who determines the project, responsible 6 sigma projects. It is senior manager for program.

Select the project, approval and monitor
Select a black belt and green belt that it deems appropriate for the project
Support black belts and green belts
Resolve the problems
Ensure that employees communicate with each other six sigma

b-Black Belt : One of the most critical roles in the organization of six sigma, black belts of full-time employees in the project.

To lead the team.
Reporting project results to champion
To measure, as has the role to identify and control to improve the problem-solving process.
c-Master Black Belt : Usually have the engineering infrastructure. They are six sigma project consultant and coach. Six sigma related issues are the most advanced information

Training to black belt and green belt
Champion assist with the project.
Reporting results
Adoption in order to inform employees of the company
d-Green Belt : For black belt’s project ; The part-time assistant assigned to work

e-Leadership Council In order to ensure the effectiveness of the works council is created by senior management of the company.

3-Six Sigma Principles

Customer Focus
Based on data management
Process Focus
Proactive management
Unlimited cooperation
From top to bottom training

a- DMAIC : Define, Measure ,Analyze , Improvement, Control (DMAIC) method could be called a problem-solving approach.

b-DMADV : Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify (DMADV) When customer dissatisfaction or companies fail in achieving its strategic objectives; the process preferred.

c-DMEDI : Define,Measure,Explore,Develop,Improve(DMEDI) When a new design is required, the process is used.

5-Lean Six Sigma: Lean management is an approach to eliminate the complexity and data loss in the process.There are four keys for lean six sigma.

Customer happiness
Process improvement
Team work
That decisions are based on actual data
A nice summary and after work; Now, How can we create our own 6 sigma services aligns ? We’ll call it PARW

PLANNING : The objective of planning is to provide a frame work that enables the manager to make reasonable estimates of resources, cost and schedule. For Good Job, Firstly Doing Good Plan.
ANALYZING : Make a good analysis and follow-up work. Make a good analysis to proceed.
REPORTING : Reporting is critical. Report solves many things, You can measure your team to the report. Report is your own pictures. It is capture to you and your working.
WATCHING : Follow the right time in the right way

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