Create Your Six Sigma (6σ ) For Quality and Excellence

What is six sigma?
We are using to provide for excellence. Identification of process – measuring – analyzing improving and controlling. Six sigma approach focuses on the following three issues

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce error

We will examine the following steps to 6 sigma and we will determine how we create our own 6σ. We’ll call it PARW.   PLANNING  – ANALYZING – REPORTING – WATCHING. IT IS YOUR GOOD SUMMARY FOR GOOD JOB !!!

If you do not have a good plan; It would be as follows.


1 -Meaning of statistical Six Sigm

a-Sigma : Sigma is the Greek letter and defines a small standard deviation in statistics

b-Million Error Number (DPMO) :Quality costs, cycle time and productivity as there is a close correlation between properties.

Total Opportunities – TO :TO = Total number of Product Units x Opportunities

Defects Per Opportunity – DPO : DPO =Total Number of Defects / Total Opportunity

Defects Per Million Opportunities – DPMO  : DPMO =   DPO x 1,000,000

Defects Per Million Opportunities or DPMO can be then converted to sigma values using Yield to Sigma Conversion Table given in Six Sigma – Measure Phase6sigma

six-sigma-belt-levels2-Six Sigma staff of  : Six sigma is an approach carried out through teamwork.

a-Champion : The person who determines the project, responsible 6 sigma projects. It is senior manager for program.

  • Select the project, approval and monitor
  • Select a black belt and green belt that it deems appropriate for the project
  • Support black belts and green belts
  • Resolve the problems
  • Ensure that employees communicate with each other six sigma

b-Black Belt : 
One of the most critical roles in the organization of six sigma, black belts of full-time employees in the project.

  • To lead the team.
  • Reporting project results to champion
  • To measure, as has the role to identify and control to improve the problem-solving process.

c-Master Black Belt : Usually have the engineering infrastructure. They are six sigma project consultant and coach. Six sigma related issues are the most advanced information

  • Training to  black belt and green belt
  • Champion assist with the project.
  • Reporting results
  • Adoption in order to inform employees of the company

d-Green Belt : For black belt’s project ; The part-time assistant assigned to work

e-Leadership Council                                                                                                                                      In order to ensure the effectiveness of the works council is created by senior management of the company.

3-Six Sigma Principles

  • Customer Focus
  • Based on data management
  • Process Focus
  • Proactive management
  • Unlimited cooperation
  • From top to bottom training


a- DMAIC : Define, Measure ,Analyze , Improvement, Control (DMAIC) method could be called a problem-solving approach.

b-DMADV : Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify (DMADV )  When customer dissatisfaction or companies fail in achieving its strategic objectives; the process preferred.

c-DMEDI  : Define,Measure,Explore,Develop,Improve (DMEDI) When a new design is required, the process is used.

5-Lean Six Sigma: Lean management is an approach to eliminate the complexity and data loss in the process.There are four keys for lean six sigma.

  • Customer happiness
  • Process improvement
  • Team work
  • That decisions are based on actual data

A nice summary and after work; Now, How can we create our own 6 sigma services aligns ? We’ll call it PARW

  • PLANNING : The  objective  of   planning  is  to provide  a  frame  work  that  enables  the  manager   to  make   reasonable  estimates of  resources, cost   and  schedule. For Good Job, Firstly Doing Good Plan.
  • ANALYZING : Make a good analysis and follow-up work.  Make a good analysis to proceed.
  • REPORTING :  Reporting is critical. Report solves many things, You can measure your team to the report. Report is your own pictures. It is capture to you and your working.
  • WATCHING : Follow the right time in the right way

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